As I was watching Super Soul Sunday, one Sunday morning, I heard a term that resonated with my soul. Glennon Doyle said her life is bru-tiful( brutal + beautiful).  I think I started to cry because I knew what she meant.My life has been very brutal, but It has also been very beautiful too. I struggled and overcame a lot of things that could of left me defeated. Disappointments, heartache and sorrow almost robbed my soul. Each time, it tried to overtake me, BUT that’s when love came marching in. The love of God, my sister which is my best-friend, my mother and oh how can I forget- perfect strangers.God sent them to rescue me right at the nick-of-time!

For so long I felt powerless, being Black, and a Woman who was Educated.I still have my moments, but I’m growing stronger and stronger each and everyday! This blog is whats making me stronger. Here is where I will use my voice to empower women but especially black women to get back up when she is knocked down. To face her fears in the mist of a storm. And finally to reach for her dreams!!!

I’m very proud of myself for using my voice because we all have one -it’s just a mater of finding it! My hope is that as I become stronger through this journey you will too! That you will find your voice and use it to empower others, and to spark a change within this world.

Happy Reading!!

Peace and Love