I’ve prepared myself all week long. It’s the night before …..I’m nervous and so tired but I must study my documents, make test questions and gather some questions when the time comes to represent myself.

I made sure I was fly! My nature hair was on point! I chose a dark blue classy dress and paired it with black flat pointy shoes. Pearls in the ear and around my neck for decor.  As I walked out the door I grabbed my black leather padfolio and kissed my mother for good luck!

I arrived early so I sat in the car to collect my thoughts. My heart is beating a mile and minute. I put my hand over my heart to tell it to calm down. I glance at the clock and it’s a quarter till the hour so I made my way into the building. I check myself in and sat down. To pass the time I scan over my documents one last time and as I was doing that I heard the door open with voices following behind. As the footsteps get closer, I glance up and before my eyes where not two judges but four. I was motioned to come in and shook everyone’s hand then took the stand oops I mean my seat.

One by one they threw questions out at me and each time I answered I had eight eyes glaring back at me. If I answered to perfectly they would dig until I gave them a not so perfect response. Towards the middle of my trial, I started to figure out their plan.They were all giving questions and glaring at me, but the judge on my left hand side was giving mad eye game. She didn’t write many notes like the others because her main job was to stare….. at the way I looked …the way I sat.. and the I even the way I  breathed …I wonder if she could of smelled how fresh my breath was? lol just saying! Her stankface was her lethal weapon of choice. She was there to intimated me but instead of folding in I sat upstraighter. At that very moment, I saw  they were intimated by me, because no matter what they threw at me I managed to RISE above it all!

It was a fast process. After I was done I shook each of their hands and left with my head held high.



That was my second interview with this company ….I guess who I actually was wasn’t the image they had in their heads. All of the evident they had in front of them wasn’t good enough.


AdviceYou might think you are in there because they called you personally to apply for a job with their company-this was my case. But don’t get too excited. They might just want to pull the rug from underneath you .Watch their reaction towards you at your first interview. How do they respond when it’s time for you to ask questions? When thinking on this you may just realize this isn’t the place for you after all! I know you might feel frustrated, confused and angry but take this as an opportunity to think of a different direction and to dream bigger!

Peace and Love Queens



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