Hey you! I applaud you for understanding that your strength doesn’t come from always turning the other cheek, caring for everyone but yourself( you stay in the spa), not letting your mental state get to cluttered you keep a date with your therapist, and when you need something you have no problem using your network of people you built up along the way!

Hey lady, you know the importance of interdependence. You know your Independence stands on its shoulders.In order to be great, you know it’s a must to be sharpened by others. You never stress to much because if you don’t have a solution your network does. This network includes:

  • your parents’
  • your parent’s friends
  • your parent’s colleagues
  • your grandparents’ and their friends
  • your aunt’s and uncles and their friends
  • your cousins’
  • your siblings and if married( most likely) their spouses’
  • your colleagues’
  • and finally your dear friends’ and oh so many more

I conclude after looking at this list, you got the hookup boo!

Your strong nature must come from the saturation of your culture everywhere. You turn on the television and you see a lot of people that look like you. From commercials to television shows. Television shows that shows blackness is racist. I mean why let a few shows like this threaten your whole existence? Girl you know this world is yours! You even have people that look like you giving us the news.Their your confirmation that the american dream belongs to you. You hold the power girlfriend!!

You got a lot of women mimicking you girl! From the way you style your hair, the way you speak and the swag you have.They have adapted so much to your culture that they neglect their own. You didn’t know you were the standard of beauty?Oh……. you didn’t know? Oooh okay!

You stay walking on the red carpet . I guess the flash of lights got you blinded. You stay strong because you live a blissful life that’s void of the truths of world. When you walk into the room all eyes are on you. When you speak everyone stops and listens. You confidently speak no matter how truthful your words are. You keep talking with an unbothered spirit for anyone who doesn’t agree.

Strong White Woman this Black Woman got her EYES on you, but I’m also making sure your American standards don’t damage my African soul!! I’m taking notes because I have a dear niece and if and when God blesses me with a princess. I have to tell them the true meaning of a STRONG BLACK WOMAN. 

So thank you Ms. Lady for living the way you do. But watch out because now I’m going to be a force to be reckoned with! This Black Girl Magic is about to be everywhere!!

Strength. Courage and Wisdom Queens!

Peace and Blessings






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