As long as you are dependent on other people solely for your jobs, your house, the cleaning of your streets, the education of your children, the image you see on the television, or the image of God in your Church, you can cut it any way you want to, you are a slave

– John Henrik Clarke 

So for some time now I have been making my own household products. Why you ask? Well I got tired of giving P&G all my money!! Almost every month my sister and I would spend nearing a 100.00 dollars just on cleaning products for the house- this included things that made our apartment smell scrumptious also. Annually we were spending 1, 200 dollars-  My oh my!! P&G was continually getting money  while our funds were depleting -ugh!!.

I chose this quote because it represents the state of mind I’m in. I’ve been so dependent on others for so many things and I’m soooooo feed up with it! Not having a career job and basically making minimal wage has really helped shaped this current perspective. The struggle  I mentioned in The Modern “Mammy” has really produced  a wiser mindset that I’m very proud of .


When Everything Changed

One day I was about to go out and purchase some air freshener and my whole body stopped. The words “Make it yourself” popped into my head.  I researched how to make it and took a trip to whole foods. I never been to whole foods and I don’t know anyone who does( referring to black people lol). I was nervous to go in there! I thought as soon as I walked through the doors all eyes would be on me lol. Well lets say when I went in some were looking, but not like I thought -haha.  I explored the store first then I went to the essential oil section.I only needed three products to make my own air freshener (spray kind) – Water, essential oil and alcohol. Whole foods had an array of essential oils to choose from. I love lavender, so I picked that up as well as few more.

Making my homemade lavender air freshener sparked something in me and I researched more things such as:

Things I’ve already made

  • Dish liquid
  • Kitchen spray
  • Bathroom spray
  • Air Fresheners- for the car and the house

Things I plan to make

  • Deodorant ( yes you read it right! but I start to smell I will go back haha)
  • Car cleaner
  • Laundry  detergent
  • Dryer sheets
  • Body wash

I think I’m going to buy a white lab coat and some goggles because I truly feel like a scientist!!   I know for sure science would’ve been my favorite subject in school if things were taught like this.I can’t wait to teach my children all what I’m learning. I believe they will have a very different perspective on life- I know this to be true because it has given me a very different one. All this advertising has made us believe that we don’t have what it takes to make it in this world. We must depend on whatever they’re selling us to get by. I no longer will be a participant in that campaign! I will only reach my hand out to pick up something I have already tried to make and was unsuccessful at it. Some might feel its easy to buy I feel it’s easy to make because making has more benefits than buying.

They say the black community is the number one consumers in America. I think that’s a SHAME. We’re keeping money in other’s pockets while ours is steady depleting. The money that I’m saving will go towards school loans, making my dreams happen, savings for emergencies and many more. We as black people  MUST invest in ourselves and our future!!! What type of legacy will you leave behind? I want to leave a legacy of power, strength and resilience. Of making things happen not waiting around for people to do it for me. I want my children and their children to look up to me for inspiration.

I want to hear from you? What will the first thing you will decided to make and not buy? What legacy would you like be leave behind?

Peace and Love




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