I was recently challenged with this question -What does success look like to you? I tired to muster up my thoughts real quick, but I couldn’t. This question plagued me for some days after. I thought back to what success looked like to me at different times in my life to see if that could help me answer the question. During high school success looked like me getting married and having children one day. Since I was little, I always wanted to be a wife a mom and that’s it. In college, success looked like graduating from college, finding a career job that I love and that made a lot of money. Life has always been a struggle since I could remember. Receiving my degree was my ticket out of the struggle-so I thought. Now that I’ve graduated college and been out for almost three years success looks like……

  1. Not comparing myself to my peers.
  2. Seeing life as a journey and not a destination.. enjoying the ups and downs this journey brings.
  3. Putting one foot in front of the other when things get rough.
  4. Releasing hurts, disappointments, and toxic people from my life. These things only hold you back.
  5. Waking up with a clear and focused mind. Stress and worry have tired to overtake me but I’v decided to not let it rule me anymore.
  6. Loving who I am despite all the mistakes I’ve made.
  7.  Learning to trust myself more and listening to my intuition.
  8. Smiling and being friendly to people I don’t know.Strangers have blessed my life in ways that I would’ve never imagined.
  9. Keep pushing when I feel like giving up.  THIS year alone has been the most trying time in my whole entire life.
  10. Saying NO! No to things that drag me down instead of lift you up.
  11.  Helping others achieve their goals in life and finding their purpose on this earth.
  12.  Walking in my truth each and everyday.


My definition of success isn’t just focused on ME anymore. Yes I do have dreams and goals but what I’m leaning is it’s much bigger than me. If I never get that career job, or that husband and kids I know I’m still successful. I define success the way I see fit.I’m no longer holding onto how society defines success. I’m looking within and leaning on God each and every day for direction.When I do become successful in the way the world defines it, I know everything that I’ve been through and will go through will help me maintain it- to me that’s more important!

Ladies, how are you defining success? By the worlds standards or your own?

Love and peace




2 thoughts on “What Does Success Look Like to You?

  1. I feel like success is individual based,however many view their own success based on how society does.I’m very guilty of looking at other success to determine my own. At this point in my life I would say that I’m traveling the road of success but I’m haven’t planted my roots there,if that makes sense.

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