I’ve not always been so fond of our First Lady Michelle Obama, but recently I have. While in the library one day I was searching for a book and came across ” A Salute to  Michelle Obama”.  When I got home the first thing I did was sit down and thumb through it. In it she wrote a piece entitled ” Be Fearless” and I was captivated by the very first sentence. It read:

I learned a long time ago that when you’ve had some success, it’s not enough to just sit back and enjoy it. You’ve got to reach back and pull someone else up too.

Amen to that! It has been something I’ve always done but haven’t experienced as of yet. What I’ve seen and experienced is that when a sista makes it,  quite a few have no desire to look back and help her fellow sista out. Below is my story and I hope you enjoy the read!

My Story

I was applying for this job and I knew someone who recently got hired at the same organization. I was reluctant to reach out at first. But, I felt what could it hurt, we were very close in college. Well i finally decided to send her a text with a few questions I had concerning the job. I received one short and very dry text back leaving me right back where I started.To be honest I was heated. I helped this girl out so much in college. She was a young mom who worked full-time and attended college full-time as well. I was very proud of her and wanted to help her in any way that I could. If she needed notes, wanted to study for an exam, needed a handout that she missed I was there to help her. I replied thank you and I left it at that.

In April of 2016 I was in need of a job really bad. I had left a job that was draining me mentally and physically and I wanted no more parts of it.  I was desperate and needed some money to pay my bills. I reached out to this young lady I meet at the place I just left. She was my assistant in 2011 and we wasn’t the very best of friends, but she would always stress that as black women we should stick together no matter what. So I looked her up on Facebook to ask her where she worked and if they were hiring. To make a long story short they were and I ended up getting hired. To be honest guys I always felt she was jealous of me. She would do and say little things that were contradictory to her mantra: As black women we need to stick together no matter what. When she felt that she had offended me she would try to make up to stay in good standing with me. When I left that job she made a plea that we should keep in touch and she really enjoyed getting to know me. So I pushed past all of what happened in 2011 and prayed this would be different at this new job. You know things stared out okay. We would talk all the time at work and outside of work.  And ironically, I was her assistant working in her room. I could tell I made her nervous but I never knew why. She would say she was very happy we got to work together again but her actions never reflected that. She made sure I knew my place and that was below her.What I also didn’t particularly like was that she wanted to gossip all the time about what was going on at the work place. My rely was always I just want to work and go home. She didn’t like that reply at all. Eventually, I was placed in my own room with my own children. A letter was written to all the teachers and the parents about my new position. When she read the letter she turned and said to me, ” They didn’t say this stuff about me when I became a teacher here”.  Instead of her congratulating me and being happy for my accomplishment she compared our letters. What a shame!

“I’m not my sister’s keeper I am my sister ” says a group of black women on the phenomenal television show Iynala Fix My Life. In my opinion she wanted the women to realize that we are ONE. We’re not separate entities we are ONE.When we look at each other in that way we put ourselves in our sister’s shoes. We feel what they feel, we give them the attention that they need, the advice that they are looking for and most importantly the hand that reaches back to help her succeed and to reach her dreams. These situations have tired to make me bitter and stop giving a helping hand to my sisters but the devil is a lie! No matter how bleak my situations have been I know how important it is to help each other. I’m helping my sista’s provide for her family, give stablility to her love ones and finally make a contribution to this world.We all have something to offer this world and I will not get in the way of that.

Be that woman who reaches back and wants other women to succeed just as much as you!!

Please leave comment and tell me your story below. I would love to hear from you!

Love you my sista!






2 thoughts on “A Call To Black Women: Reach Back

  1. I think this is an awesome post it’s inspiring and it’s vulnerable. It’s a call to action what do we do once we’ve been giving the gift of success or what we feel made us successful. We now have knowledge to share. We now have a responsibility to be of service to others that is what it’s all about. I enjoyed reading this post!

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  2. Very well put.I agree we should uplift one another instead of stepping on or around each other.At the end of the day we are all Sistas and Queens and are not always treated as such by others. So it should be our pleasure to uplift each other in every aspect of life.Good for you for not allowing your past experiences to dictate who you are and who you help.


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